Our construction capabilities include both hardscapes and softscapes. As hardscaping determines the underlying structure of your final garden, it is imperative that it is created from quality products using professional techniques. This will ensure from the beginning that the finished product is both beautiful and long-lasting. We pick from a range of hardscapes including paving, retaining walls, decks, pagolas, water features, garden edging and stone work, to create the outdoor area you’ve always dreamt of. 

Once the architectural elements have been constructed, we take care of soil preparation, plant selection and scheme, irrigation systems and the all-important element of lighting. Every garden is unique and our team take into consideration micro-climate factors such as terrain, aspect, shade, and soil quality. This ensures you end up with a garden that both matches your vision, and accommodates the level of maintenance you desire.

Contemporary or traditional, formal or informal, the proficiency and knowledge of Carl Gillmore Landscapes will guarantee that our collaboration with you will produce an outdoor space a landscape that you can enjoy for years to come.